A gift and a purpose

When we first lose our child we begin a slow process of healing. We are given a gift from our child at this time. The gift of numbness. This gets us through the planning of memorial services, funerals and usually a house full of friends and family. It is when everyone goes back to their lives that the reality of our loss hits. The harsh reality that our child is not in their bed, not getting ready for school, not there to feed their dog and take her for a run. We get slapped in the face with the knowing that our life is forever changed. In my mind the life I had before has not just changed but ended just as my son’s physical life did. The process of healing continues, we adjust in our new skin. We smile and maybe even laugh. But, we will never be the same.
I am blessed to have Arthur’s dad, his brothers and sisters, my parents, our grandchildren and an extended group of family and friends to help with each passing day. My journey is different now, my purpose more important than ever. Find your purpose, I promise we all have one. It took this tremendous loss for me to realize mine. This too I accept as a gift from my son. Knowing your true purpose is what living is all about.

Be blessed!!

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