Joy and Sorrow

Never will I forget the most important lessons I got from Artie’s death. Life is fleeting. The moments pass quickly and time waits for nothing. Each joy and every sorrow should be held for an extra second for there are lessons in both. Keep the joys with you and tuck them in your heart for when the sorrows come. They will come, for this is the Human experience. Those little joys will get  you through. I am proof of this. If it were not for the smiles I remember and the laughter I still can hear when I listen closely, I would not have been here to tell you our story! Happy Holidays my friends!! Hold tight and know that 2017 will be the year for greatness!!




Almost Christmas

I have broken down a few times this week. More than in some time now. The closer we get to Christmas, the harder it is getting to keep it together. Last night on my way home from work, I was thinking about what I would be getting you this year. Something for your car maybe, a gift card to the theater, or clothes. You liked nice clothes. There would have been something for your garb I am certain. I miss you Artie, so very much. I am hanging in there…. 

The truth.. 

I miss you everyday. I still watch for you, and listen for your laughter. I am doing better, I really am. But I miss you. I still cry in the dark when I am alone. I choke back tears in public. I am still disappointed every morning when I wake to the reality of it. I still beg for this not to be real. I am alone even when surrounded by people. I will never be whole again. I will never be me again.. 

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