Faces Of An Epidemic

IMG_0722In the United States in 2012 almost 5000 of our young people between the ages of 10-25 died by their own hands.  Over 150,000 attempted to kill themselves without success.  150,000….. These statistics shocked me.  We see the stories on the news, we hear about them on social media and through the grapevine.   We feel sad for those involved and then, unless it affects us personally it quickly leaves our minds.  I believe it is important that the faces of these kids be seen and remembered. Their stories might just save one family from this agony that our family and so many go through.  If you know someone, or if you have been affected by the loss of a young family member, consider posting the story here. This could be healing for families as well.  Remembering  our kids in a positive way, with possibly positive results will honor each of them.  Send a picture and your story to my email and I will add it to this page..


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  1. Wonderful page Lann, so very well done. You hopefully will touch a number of people with it. After the holidays hopefully you will have a chance to speak at a couple of the schools where you can also share the link to your page.

    I love the picture, perfect for the page.
    Thank you for keeping him close to us.

    I love you

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