The Third Holiday Season. 

We went to Hobby Lobby tonight to pick up a few things in Christmas decorations. We were having a great time when all of a sudden, it hit me. My sisters that have lost a child know what I mean.  In a split second I couldn’t stop the tears. Instead of bumming everyone else out, I walked  a few aisles over to try and gain some control. As I am trying to pull myself together, this wonderfully kind woman comes around and sees me there. She very sweetly  how she recognized my pain and asked me who I had lost. Well of course this just brought on more tears as I told her about my Artie.  She began to tell me how she herself lost her son some years back. She said she understood my pain and how the Christmas music, especially Hobby Lobby music, made the Holidays more difficult. We spoke for a moment about  our boys and how time seems to stand still most days. We had a laugh about how Hobby Lobby  music feels sad, every year. I imagine that is why we avoid it during the Holidays! A moment  of sorrow and sadness was turned into two women, who had never met before,  sharing their love  for the sons that have gone before them. I could not help but smile as I thought perhaps, just maybe, our boys were together, smiling down on us. Happy that their moms, if only for a brief  moment found a little comfort at the start of this Holiday season!

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