For The Last Time

You woke up in your room..

You ate breakfast at our table..

You did your chores..

You made videos on the computer..

You played with Izzy..

You gave me a hug..

You talked about you being able to drive soon..

You spent time with your brothers and the twins..

You went to the mall.. 

You told me you loved me.. 

And for the last time, our world was perfect and my heart was not broken. 

I miss your scent, your laughter and your smile. I feel cheated still. My heart will always be broken and my life will never be the same. Mom loves you more than you will ever know Artie! 

Back to school & back to living

Wolfgang is a Freshman this year. I have actually been really excited getting things together this year. The past two years we have just gone through the motions pretty much.  The only “moment” I had was when I was registering him for an online class and it asked me how many students I would be enrolling. I had to catch my breath and it took me a minute before I could continue. 

Things really are getting back on track, after two long years. I have a new career, Wolfie is in high school, about to start drivers ed and making new friends. Kurt and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and plans for the future are in full force.  On the 16th we are doing a small memorial get together out on the beach. It is the full moon that night. We will be lighting sky lanterns, green and white ones. These are Artie’s favorite colors. I hope he likes them…. 

I feel like Arthur would be happy seeing things finally smoothing out for us. I have learned so much from that boy. I wish he were here more than anything but I am grateful for the lessons and the blessings I have gained these past two years.  I have made some great new friends on this journey, many of which I now consider family! Every moment is so precious and I will never take another one for granted! 

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