Just before Dawn

Just before the Earth is kissed with light

Before the World awakes

I pray to those who guard me

My Fear for them to take

The fear of going on again

On this another day

Without you here to hold my hand

And take away my pain


Spring has Sprung 

It’s Spring break Artie. As much as I like the weather, I miss planning the Summer with you. It is so hard to be so lonely. I think I will feel alone for the rest of my life!


Sitting here on the porch this morning you are on my mind. It has been two and a half years since I hugged you, saw your smile or heard you laugh. So much has changed. Life is moving forward and as always, it is good! But…  I miss you more everyday. I still get lost in thought with all of the things I wish I had done different, all of the things I wish we had done together and the so many things you will never do. I love you my sweet boy and pray you rocking with Elvis, talking about life’s purpose with John and enjoying a laugh with Robin!! 

Love, Mom

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