Our little tree.

We wanted to at least put up a small tree this year. So Kurt, Wolfie and I went to town and bought this little cutie today. We decided on this one because we can keep it in a pot out by the garden or plant it. This is our symbol of new traditions, and one more step forward..


Flowers from Artie

I have never grown roses. Arthur and I talked about planting them before he died but never got around to it. I have planted 6 rose bushes since last year. I really don’t do much with them. I talk to them when I am in the garden but that’s about it. And yet, they still give  me beauty. This one was waiting this morning, in the rain.. I have about 10 new buds as well. It makes me smile..  I believe that Artie takes care of all the flowers in the garden, he shows his love for me through them. He knows I go out there everyday and talk to him. It is one of his greatest signs for me..


Turkey Day

Our family is not doing the traditions Turkey day stuff today. We will probably fry turkeys over the weekend just to have the meat for leftovers..  😀 Celebrating one of the worst human atrocities in our history  does not appeal to me much anymore.. It is a day off work, a day for family time and a day to put a couple of turkies in the freezer because I got them at a really good price.  🦃   I will be working on the mittens for the holiday bags I am making. I want to pass them out on Christmas Eve.

 Tomorrow I think we will go buy a small tree and make popcorn and cranberry garland for it. 🎄 Simple is our theme this year. I can put the cranberries and popcorn out for the birds and squirrels after the holidays. That will be great for them and I have no doubt it will bring me hours of entertainment. 🐿

So, whatever your traditions, however you spend this day, do it with Love  and Peace in your heart.  Carry your gratitude beyond this one day. Everyday, every second there is something to be grateful for.  

Hot Chocolate

We made hot chocolate last night for the first time this season. I did not put the candy canes in them though. It just didnt seem right somehow. I set out a cup for you, some habits are hard to let go of. I still count everything out in 4’s. Four plates, four cups, four forks.. Still have to stop and think when a hostess asks how many are in our party.. I miss you baby, and I love you… Thanks for looking out for my roses..

First Frost

Woke up to frost on the ground this morning.  First thing I thought of were my flowers. I completely forgot to cover them last night.. went out to the garden to check, just knowing they were probably all withered. Of course they are all fine and there are even several new buds on my roses.  I take that as Arthur letting me know he is going to be right here through this coming Winter. He knows how much the flowers and trees he planted for me mean to me. It is where I go when I have my long conversations with him. My heart knows he enjoyed our time in the garden as much as I did.. Every time I find something new out there I believe it is a gift from Artie, and I cherish it.. 😍

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