Positivity, Gratitude and love..

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
This is very true when you experience great change or loss in your life. The life before the loss is essentially over. Now a new way of life is beginning.

Yesterday has been done. You can’t modify it. Today and tomorrow we still have the power to make positive choices. We can ultimately make choices that will effect us on the earth and in the spirit life to come.

Live in your gratitude.
Be grateful for all that you have, all that you are and who you love. Even some not so great things should be looked at with gratefulness for the lessons we learn from them.

Know that your life here is just a stop on the way to eternal life on the other side of the veil. Our souls are infinite beings. Each life is a learning experience. So soak up knowledge, love whole heartedly and grow spiritually. Be kind, mindful of others around you and share your heart with someone everyday. Tomorrow you will be better for it!

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