The Holidays are upon us… 

Another holiday season is upon us. Where has the time gone? I want to enjoy the season, spend time with friends and family, but I find myself still struggling with it. We got through Halloween tonight. Wolfgang had a great time with his friends and there has been lots of laughter. Even had a date with my hubby.. 😀 I suppose we will never not feel the loss, or the ache of missing our Artie. Life does go on… I even looked at Christmas decorations tonight. So, bring on the decor and way to early playing carols. Set out the trees and have Santa at the mall. I can do this!! I will find a way this season to honor all of those that have gone before us, some too soon. My heart will be with the many families that are having these same thoughts right now.. I will cry, I’m sure and have moments of sadness, but I will go on with a smile knowing Artie is looking on with love and pride for his family. 

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