Another one of my rants..  

Everyday there is something else I find missing along with Arti’s presence.  Today, I realize it is My patience..  This is probably going to come across as terrible, but here goes. I do understand that everyone has some issue in life that maybe isn’t so great. Some things we truly do not have control over, like losing a child or another loved one.  We all have something at one time or another though that is within our power to change.  Think for a second, can I change this? Is there something I myself can do to make the situation better? If you let it envelope you, consume you and become what is important to you, then it will control you. Do not own the bullshit! Go the other direction, make a change, bring about some light and energy with positive thoughts and action.   Positive in, positive out.. If we continue to make the bad stuff more important than than good stuff, it is going to always more prominent. 

I lost my son! My world changed in a split second, and I had no way of changing it.  There are days when yes, I live in the grief, it covers me like a scratchy old worn out blanket. And there are days when I feel comforted by that grief because it reminds me of the love I miss. But everything else, all of the little stuff that happens to every single person at some point is easy. I would not trade my problems for anyone else’s. Mine have made me a better person, even the loss. So when life throws obstacles and shit in your way, move it or go around it! Look back at it and know with pride that it did not defeat you… And keep on keeping on!! 


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  1. What a great post, emotional, heartfelt and inspirational. Very well put. I hope those that read this post will understand the message as it is meant to be heard.

    Love You

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