Happy Birthday!

We have two birthdays in our family today. One of the greatest men I have ever know, my dad and the best dog ever Miss Pearl.  So, I want to share a little about them today. My dad is easy to describe.   There are so many things to say about him, but I will sum it up… He has a heart of gold, the patience of a Saint and the Nobleness of a King.. The things he has put up with over the years without ever showing less than unconditional love is amazing. You’re the best dad! I hope you know just how very much you mean to me… Your presence in my life has always been one of my greatest blessings..

And Miss Pearl.. Kurt brought Miss Pearl home when she about 3 months old. A solid white little Pit Bull pup. She hard-headed from the beginning. Hardest dog I ever had to housebreak!  But she is loving and extremely protective and loyal. She has saved both Arthur and Wolfgang from  tragedy and always loved them both. She smiles at you and gives you  kisses every time you feed her. In fact, she will not eat unless you allow her to kiss you.. She will  is eleven today. She has struggled through this loss with me and I believe it has taken a tremendous toll on her. She has aged a good bit in the last seven months. So Happy Birthday Miss Pearl, you are a true member of our family and we all love you dearly… Papaweli MissPearl

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