The little things.. 

I am dragging a** this morning.. 😉 I think I slept too hard. No dream memories and I think I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Some days are just lazy days… Even when you have a hundred things to do…

 A Quick story.. 

A few years back, Wolfgang bought me an angel pendant for Christmas. He was 10 I think. The next year Kurt bought a pendant that says “I love you more”. This has always been our response whenever someone in our family says I love you.  Both are on one chain and I never take it off.  A few weeks before Artie left we were at the mall, looking at jewelry.  I made the comment to him that he needed to get me a pendant to wear with the other two. Little did I know, soon after I would be picking out an Urn charm for his ashes.  I wear it everyday and only take it off to shower.. It has been brought up by mediums, and many people comment on it in passing. It gives me an opportunity to share Artie’s story.  It can be the smallest things in life that have the largest impact on you. 

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