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Yep, that would be rain falling again. It puts a kink in my yard work but at least I have a reason to stay inside and work today. I have a ton of stuff to get done. Hubby comes home Monday, and my trip at the end of the month is coming up quick. I been working on the Foundation paper work, trying to put all of my notes from the blog and dream logs in some type of order.

Meditation is a regular part of my day as well. It is easier some days than others. Days like today it’s difficult because I have so much going on and quieting my mind is tough. I stopped doing it at night because I just fall asleep.. ; ) I try to get in two sessions a day. One before I even get out of bed. This one is to set my intent for the day. Then in the early afternoon I sit for a while just to refresh and connect with my guides and of course Spirit for a bit. This replaces my afternoon pot of coffee. Instead of a night-time meditation session, I talk to Artie. I tell him about my day, fill him in on how the Foundation is going and anything else on my mind. I talk to him off and on through out the day but at night its more personal. Sometimes I just cry, knowing he is there comforting me.

Life is so very different now. It is lonely at times, even still agonizing to even get out of bed on some days. But, that being said, there have been some positive and dare I say, wonderful things come about in the last seven months. Learning about myself I would have to say has been the most rewarding. Had anyone ever told me I would have survived the loss of one of my children, I would have told them they were crazy. Not only am I surviving it, I am doing good things because of it. Life is such a gift and if you take even a second of it for granted, SHAME on you! Don’t wait until the reality of how precious and fleeting it can be to make it count.

I think about everything I say to anyone before the words just fall out of my mouth. I have totally adopted the “Pay It Forward” concept. I consider every living thing as special and having a purpose. I am so much more aware of people who are less fortunate than I am. Not just materialistically, but spiritually and emotionally. People that don’t know what it is like to have true and unconditional love in their lives. We do not have to be related to or even know someone to show unconditonal love. Just the fact that we are all part of the same creation should be enough. That is what Jesus’ role in our past, present and future is all about. Showing UNCONDITIONAL love. No where does it say that is only true with family and friends.

I am truly lucky in that I have a husband that loves me and treats me like a Queen. My children and grand children are amazing, my parents are still here with us and I have the best friend in the world. She is truly a sister to me! I will never again take any of this for granted.

Peace, Love and Blessing today my friends!The Lotus

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  1. It has to be a great feeling for you to have reached a place where you are able to talk with Artie, to share what your day has been like I am sure he loves it. You will never be without him Lann, his spirit is always close.

    You have worked hard to learn to reach him and help him to reach you. As he said he will always be walking on your right side and be close. The beautiful butterfly, the little bird that follows you around when you are in the yard letting you know Artie is close.

    The Foundation (Arties Voice) His Mother has given him a well deserved gift. He gave so much of himself and continues to in spirit.

    Love you

  2. Amazing!

    “Unconditional Love” Now I know why I was drawn to your post.

    My story to tale tell: One day, I was on my facebook, scrolling down with my mind so troubled. I came across the post that I have never pay attention to before. As I was kept scrolling down something had urged me to scrolled back up to the post I had passed by. “Life Without Arthur” caught my attention. The post was such in agony that I had to share a little bet of my story.

    In reading your post teach me a lesson to let go but not forget. To cry, and keep going, to not giving up, and most of all, to learn to love myself.

    God work mysteriously.

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