Crazy Dreams

As I lay here recalling pieces of yet another puzzling dream, I can’t help but wonder if there are messages in them or if I’m just really messed up. 

We are out shopping for clothes for a friend’s son, but the son is actually the friend… yeah I know right? We talked about what size clothes Artie wore in comparison, which the size I said was not actually his size.   It’s dreams like this that make me really wonder about my sanity..  🙂

In another portion of said dream, other friends were moving from their apartment one second then we are all sitting in the courtyard watching a video of 2 boat oars being tossed around in the waves of the ocean. 
So, as always, I will write this

down in my dream journal and maybe the meanings will become clear soon.  If anyone sees oars in the waves, shoot me a  message.


Arthur’s Voice is official!!



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