Life review

I have read several books since Artie left. I follow several blogs, I’ve read articles and papers written on Spriritual issues, what happens when we die and several things on the different religious views.  One thing that I found most interesting is that many people believe when we leave the Earth, we have a life review period. A time where you see your entire life for what it truly was. I wonder if that’s why people that have had near death experiences often say ” my life passed before my eyes”? Anyway, I have had this on my mind a good bit and because of that I realized that I have relieved my entire life since Arthur left. It started with remembering every word spoken between he and I. Then I began going backwards with memories, until eventually I was at my earliest memory.  It’s been quite enlightening honestly. I have done some pretty stupid things, hurt some people along the way and yes, there are things I regret. Not that I would change any of it. Regret is just acknowledgement that some mistakes were made. The thing is, if I had not been down these roads, whether they were roads of my choosing or not, I would not be who I am right this moment. I would not have known love like I have been blessed to have known. The people that have come and gone would not be in my heart and in my memories. If I had to pick one thing I would do different, one thing that would have brought me more peace I think, it would be to have been more of who I knew I always was. Not the person I thought was expected of me. 

I think so many young people now aren’t uncomfortable with their true selves because we have put such emphasis on labels in our society. We are not created in factories where we are quality checked and expected to be one like the other. We are gifts, each in his or her own light and the Creator is pleased and loves each of us for that light. Is it not a shame that so many lights are dimmed to rest of the world for fear of being put out all together? We tend to put out light because it shines to brightly for our liking… So to you young wonderful beings, shine bright, if the light bothers anyone around you, hand them sunglasses and keep on shining!!!!


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