The Warrior Prince

And among the Gods sits a Warrior Prince. He watches as those he loves mourn his passing. Oh if they could only bear witness to the lands on which he now dwells. The grass is always green, the skies forever blue and the breeze blows just slightly with the scent of jasmine at all times. His castle is more grand than all of the castles in all of the world he left behind. It is a freedom like no other for the young Prince. No battles to be fought, not wounds to heal, and all of his questions have been answered. Those who need him can be watched over and guided from where he stands now even though they cannot see him. His pride is great for those that carry on, and he walks beside them still. He wraps his arms around his mother when she cries out for him at night, and strolls with her in their garden. The younger brother he has always guarded is still within his sight and he sits with his father on the long quiet nights when sleep eludes him.  He runs the fields with his shield brothers as they go into battle, and prays they can feel his presence and faintly hear his laughter. And above all , this Warrior, the one they call Aurturus Skywalker, knows the love that lives on for him and the legacy he left behind..

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  1. As I read your Blog today I can hardly see through the tears falling from my eyes. All there is for me to say is thank you for the lovely Picture you painted in my mind, one I can promise you, will always stay vivid and clear.

    He was everything and all things.

    I Love You

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