Fruits and veggies…

My thoughts get so lost sometimes. I wonder what Artie would be doing today. Would he be playing his guitar, or maybe the piano? I miss the sounds that used to come from his room. Every moment of every day I miss him. Today is no different, except for another first…..

I have been a member of a produce co-op for some time now. It was one of the things Arthur always went with me to do. Truth be know , it was mostly for his muscle. 🙂 The kid was exceptionally strong for his age and large baskets of fruits and veggies tend to get a little heavy. We always had fun seeing what was in the basket each time, there was always something a little different.  Anyway, I have not ordered since he left. Today is a delivery and I placed my order. I have been sitting here, all morning, trying to make myself put my baskets in the car and go pick up our stuff. I have spoken before about the many firsts that we will have after the loss of a child. But it’s the simplistic ones that hurt the most.

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  1. So true. Jaie was a little older than your Artie so had his own car. About 5-6 weeks after losing Jaie I went to collect his car and bring it home. I washed and cleaned inside and out. In doing so I found food and fuel receipts from his last 2 weeks alive, when he was out of town working. And I read them. So normal then, but so surreal now. And I broke down and cried like a broken woman. Because I am. We will continue to be blindsided for the rest of our earthly life. (((Hugs))) ❤️


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