From one grieving mom to another…

Everytime I hear of another young person taking their life it breaks my heart all over again. I want to go to the mom, be there through this nightmare. Help her to understand the stages that she will go through. Hold  her and not say a word. Go with my Suburban packed with kleenex to wipe the millions of tears she will shed. Tell her the truth. It will not ever get better. The loss will stay with you always. You now have two lives. The one before and the one after. So many things will be referred to in these ways. Before and after…

Then I would tell her tell her these things…. You will go on. Life will carry you to the next phase whether you want to go or not. Your coping mechanism will become your lifeline. You will stop crying non-stop. There will come a time when you will be brave enough to put on makeup with out the fear of it just washing away with tears. You will brush your hair more that once a week and you will finally get some sleep. Hell, you might even shave your legs again! 😜 And one day you will hear laughter and realize with an almost guilty feeling that is coming from you. This will be the real beginning of the healing. When you can laugh, when you can tell your story with the hope it will help another family cope, or even prevent this from happening to them. I promise this to be truth..

Side note:     I want to thank all of you for following and sharing my blog and the Facebook page. I get so many messages of love from people and it truly warms my heart. I did this for my own healing, but I am so grateful it is helping some of you with yours as well.  
Peace, love and blessings to you all..

Have your pets spayed an neutered..  (always wanted to have a place to say that 😄)

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  1. Your blog is always so helpful and informative, but more than that it is full of your love and caring for other Mothers that have lost a child.

    As I read your Post this morning I felt I was missing something with a special meaning but what ? I have no idea. Maybe it will come to me later when I read it again.

    Love You

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