To everything there is a season…

The last of this great weather has sadly passed. Lots of rain coming again the next several days. My intention today was to work in the yard before it turned nasty again. That was not to be…..
We still have water sitting everywhere, I sunk a good inch walking thru the yard, weed eater died and the deck came off the lawn mower. Pretty sure it was just not meant for me to get anything accomplished outside.

My motto has ALWAYS been, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.. I’m sure it surprises people to know that I still do believe this. Losing my Arthur has been undeniably the worst thing I have ever been through. My world is and always will be missing a little sunshine.
But… Since I started the blog, I have been contacted by so many people. Kids that feel they have no where to turn. Survivors that are so glad that their attempt was unsuccessful. Siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles.
And then there are the moms. Women who are dying a little inside with each passing day. Moms that start to head for their child’s bedroom and are stopped in their track when reality, once again, reminds her that he or she is not there. Women that scream when no one is around to hear them.. Moms that beg everyday for some peace in the agony we now call our lives.
We all get it. We are all in this together now.
What could possibly be the reason that I lost my son? How could there ever be anything remotely considered good that can come out of this? So I could tell this story. His story… Arthur Robert Aldag was a healer of people. A boy that was way beyond his years. And through him others will learn to love a little more, care a little deeper and maybe, just maybe change the way we treat each other. Who knows, it could in some small way change the world.

Be kind to each other…..


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  1. Your Blog is a blessing Lann to so many people. As I read your Blog I think about all the people, familys, kids that have no one to talk with, to share their pain and know the person they are talking with understands.

    We all learn something when we read your Blog, comments you make that will stay with us, such as through Arthur others will learn to love a little more and remember to be kind to all those we meet..

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