Thoughts at the end of the day

I was so looking forward to you becoming a young man. Starting to prepare for a life of your own. You were so exciting about getting to drive, going on dates and getting a job. My dreams for you were so vivid. Great friends, lots of good times in your teenage years, I even thought ahead expecting you to continue with Amtgard and one day be Knighted! And I can close my eyes even now and see images of what your children would have looked like. Hoping of course they would all have that smile of yours. I know how much you liked kids.
But these things will not happen here on this earth. The world will never know what kind of man you would have become. But, those of us that love you and knew you best know. You made your mark in the short time you were here on so many people. Forever people will talk about this smart alecky, loving, honest and noble Pirate kid they had the honor of knowing once. You my son are the type of person legends are written about. And I was lucky enough to be your mom….

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  1. There are so many people that knew Arthur he will never be forgotten. Arthur was a special Child on loan to all of us who knew him. Through him we learned things we may never have been clearly aware of. How to share, to love, care for all people so many things to mention. His smile was contagious, how can you ever forget that.

    He was without a doubt a Special Angel on loan and he fulfilled his calling very well. He will always be with us in our hearts. I am proud to be his Grandmother.

    Thank you Lann for giving us this Beautiful person to love, we will always hold him dear to our hearts.

    Love you

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