What is your story?

Everybody has a story. Each member of the human race has a story. Maybe our stories are not all perfect, fairy tale type stories but they are what makes us who we are. Within the chapters of our life book sometimes tragedy, loss, hurt and anger invade. How we approach these moments, handle and resolve them shows our true character. If we don’t like the way our story is going and close the book then we will always wonder how the story ends. Continue your story, fight through to the end and make yourself proud of your last page..

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  1. Yes you are so right we do all have a story. Your post makes us think of our stories, maybe it is a good time to open our mental book and read the chapters. Though they can’t be removed, they can remind us of things to change in our lives today.

    You have already said it all Lann, let everyday count do things that are important. You made a remark that you wished you had let some things go and payed more attention to your Children. I don’t know of another Mother that gave to her Children as much as you have. How many times have a phoned you and you say Mom we are watching a movie can I call you later. Your caring and Love you showed them everyday. I think of all the patience you had with them. You taught them to do their Laundry, help clean the house, help in the yard, plant a garden. I don’t believe there was anything they couldn’t do. One more thing, you taught them to cook and they can put out a full blown meal that was darn good. I have to bring Kurt into this as well, the two of you together have been and are very good Parents. Maybe some would frown on the some of the things, I have mentioned here but I don’t and I am from the old school.

    Never forget that we paid attention Lann and know we are so very proud of you all.

    Being your Mother and Dad has been a joy, you have always brough us laughter and great happeness, as you said children are not always perfect, but we think you are pretty darn close.

    Thank you for this blog, it is our only way to keep in touch with our beautiful Arthur.

    We Love You All

    Mom and Dad

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