Please excuse this morning rant!

I have never been one to envy anyone. I have tried very hard to always be grateful for everything and always stay positive. This is increasingly hard lately! It really drives me batty some days to watch families go on about their lives. Making plans, watching kids hang out together and grow up. The very people I feel had a hand in Arthur’s downward spiral go on as if nothing has changed! Well for them nothing has changed. They get to hug their kids, kiss them goodnight, hear their laughter and plan for the future. We don’t have that chance. It was stolen from us. Arthur would be disappointed in me I think but I can’t help these feelings. I’m angry that my boy, a good, loving, always fair, honest young man suffered because of other people. Not that they forced him over the edge but I will always see it as the beginning to the end of his life. I would give anything if they had never come into our lives! If for one moment I could have seen what lie in store for us. I would have never accepted that dance with the devil…

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