Good morning my Warrior!

It has been three months since you left. The pain is no less than it was three months ago. Actually some days it is worse. I have been lucky to have tons of support and love from people that know how great a loss it has been. You brought happiness, joy, comfort and love to so many. Through our story, we continue to help and comfort others. Everyday I look for you in the clouds and every night in my dreams. I hope to hear your voice on the wind. Your warrior spirit is free and your heart is now the Rays of sunshine on my face. I love and miss you with every breath Arthur Robert!!

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  1. We miss that kiddo too.
    I keep thinking about whst we would all be doing normally this time of year. Someone is missing. It hurts. We all sympathize with you guys. But we can’t imagine. There’s no way to comprehend what you don’t understand. Just know that we are here. We’re not going anywhere. I pray this bonds us closer together.

    Hey Arthur! Watch over us all and keep us under your warrior protection! We miss you tons, boy!

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