Evil among us.

Our country is in shock over the newest of senseless attacks on the innocent. People just having fun, relaxing and enjoying life. Not knowing it would be their last moments on this earth. CNN reported that investigators inside the club had to ignore the relentless rings of what was most likely at least fifty phones. Think about that for a moment… What a horrible realization. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and countless other friends and family are desperately hoping the loved one they are calling picks up. They are no doubt praying harder than they ever have, begging for this not to be real. I know, I have done my share of begging. Today fifty mothers have lost their babies. Their lives are shattered and never will they be the same. As we go about our lives, pray for these families. Pray for the strength they will need to survive this. Pray for the mothers. Their journey to hell and back has only just begun. There is so much evil in the world. Days like today make me fear that evil might just be winning.

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  1. What and thoughtful heart felt Post. What a horrible day it was yesterday, just watching it was devastating. I know for the Mothers and family of the people in that building it was truly a nightmare. 50 Mothers are grieving this morning and will for the rest of their lives. There is no way I can feel their pain their pain, but my heart hurts for them. They will be in my prayers and I ask for some peace for them as they have to face this day and every day to come.

    I love you

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