Arthur and Camp Langston

Five years ago today we were on our way to taking Arthur to summer camp for the first time! I will never forget it. He was so excited! Before we could even get him checked in good, he was on the lake in a canoe, that smile beaming! Always our adventurous one. He lived for camp every summer. It was where he could go and just be him. No chores, no sick little brother, no responsibilities other than to just have fun.  He would be a counselor this year. Keeping an eye on younger kids was always a big deal for him. He took being a good role model very seriously. I know he would have been a great counselor. There are many kids he made friends with at Camp Langston that I hope I will always keep in touch with because they all meant so much to him. It will be quiet around the house today, I have a feeling he will be hanging around camp today, watching the new kids come in, and maybe wishing he was with them. 

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