The Voices in your head

I had an entire post written out yesterday morning. Just as I finished it I walked into the kitchen for just a minute, and for some reason, my computer just shut down. It wasn’t a restart like when it updates. It was off. This has never happened with this computer. And of course, I didn’t save the post.. So… I am taking it as a sign not to use that thought. I thought it was an awesome post by the way! I suppose the Powers that be did not think so..
I am learning to go with the flow more. Letting the Universe guide me, listening to my heart, or my gut if you will. I think listening to our “gut” is really just paying attention to our natural intuition. It is our inner being, our higher selves telling us the thing that is best for us in that moment. If we go with it instead of thinking it through,  it usually ends with the right decision.  Maybe it is God telling you to back the hell up and rethink this decision!! Whatever it is, wherever it comes from, LISTEN! If you talk to a hundred people, they will each have a story about how intuition either saved their butts because they paid attention or, the did not listen and the outcome was not so great! Listening to the voices in your head does not always mean your crazy. 😛

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