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I have been Reflecting on how much my life has changed this past year.. When I look at the entire picture, I realize the only thing that is different is that Arthur is not here.  Everything else is pretty much the same. What has changed however is me. I am not the person I was a year ago. I have more respect for the moments of time that pass in an instant. My view of the world around me is more clear I think. I tend to see people in their true light more, and have way less patience for bullshit!! When your faced with the rest of your life without someone you love, when you wake up everyday without them, you MUST look for something good, find every single positive moment of the day.. This is what makes the rest of your time here without them bearable. I can’t stomach negativity anymore. It eats at me when I am around it. My light is quickly dimmed when I subject myself to it. So, I just don’t. I go to town when I have to, and only talk to those people in my life that aren’t comsumed by regret and disappointment. People that don’t continue to bathe themselves in the shadow of pity. I’m human, I have moments when I ache so deep within that I do feel sorry for myself. But when I do I remember what I have more than outweighs what I don’t. The morning blesses us with a new beginning. Be grateful for that each day and things will fall into place.. Peace!!! 

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  1. So well said and I aspire to be that person who only sees the positives
    In my life. I try so hard to banish the sad memories of my dads or my daughters illness and try to remember all the lovely memories I’ve been graced with. But
    Boy is it hard somedays.

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