I ran into in an old, very dear friend today.. We have know each other about 25 years. 

She lost one of her son’s 15 years ago in a car accident. I trust her and I know she would never tell me anything that was not truth. I have watched this woman grieve all these years and never understood her pain until now. I felt ashamed for a moment that I have not been there for her more over the years. 

We spoke about how I was doing almost a year in.  She asked about Wolfgang as well. We talked about her boys and how they were getting on.  

With the lovely smile she has had all of these years, she said something I so needed to hear. “It will get easier”  The pain will never go away, but it does get easier to get through the days.  

Now, this did not make all things right with the world by any means, but it did give me something to hold on to. Hope… Hope that there will be joy again, laughter in our home and a future to look forward to. 

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