I am empty

The thing is, I am a shell of who I was before. I can go through an entire day and remember none of it when the evening comes. I wake and I sleep. That’s all I can process right now. Maybe for the rest of my life, I don’t know. It has been almost a year and I am totally just as lost as the morning he died. 

One thought on “I am empty

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  1. I am so sorry Melann! Though my son is alive but he is homeless right now, and I can’t get closer to him. Without details, I know the feeling of empty inside. Somehow, I feel like connected to you. I feel your pain. I pray for your peace. I pray that you find in your heart to forgive yourself so you can go on with good memory of your son, Arthur. That is how I find peace in my life right now, is to remember the good things with my son. I miss him dearly, and only the time will tell, if and when I can see him again. We all loved by God, and God is peace. Take care yourself! it is alright to feel empty as long as you are within yourself.



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