Back to the daily grind..

The weather is finally wonderful! My headache is gone and I feel human. The garden, squirrels and birds beckon me to come outside. But alas, the ground is still too wet to work. I did go out for a bit and just took in the air and sounds. So healing is nature. The wildflowers are everywhere.It looks like the yellow brick road!!  Most important, the Wisteria Arthur planted for me is in full bloom.. I will treasure that beauty forever. He is everywhere out on the property. You cannot look at anything and it not have been touched by him at some point. He was always happier being outside. Mowing, planting, swimming, walking Izzy, he loved it all. If I close my eyes, I can feel him with me, hear him talking a mile a minute about anything and everything.. I miss him…

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  1. I am so sorry and I am so sad to say, I can relate to how you feel, I became a member of this sad and tragic club in 1998 when my 29 year old son took his life, I won’t go into the details but know I am thinking and praying for you, it is a long road and I hope one day you will heal. One day at a time is all we can do!!!!

    1. Thank you Linda for your kind words. I am sorry for your loss. Meeting moms like yourself gives me hope that surviving this nightmare is possible.

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