I tread heavily through my life… 

Signs of Arthur’s presence have be very few recently. Or we have just been so busy they are being missed. I did have a dream last night that was odd. We were here at our house, and there were three boys getting ready for bed. We were trying to decide where each of them was going to sleep. I never saw any of their faces.  I assumed it was Arthur, Wolfgang and their best friend Bailey. It left me feeling anxious  and incredibly sad when I woke up for some reason. Maybe this explains my mood and heavy feelings today. I keep trying to tell my self there will come a day when this will all be easier. I want to be a comfort for other families and say that the pain will lessen.  But I can’t honestly tell them that.

 I heard of three teenage girls in Mount Pleasant that were killed yesterday in an auto accident. I am not sure if Arthur knew them, but he went to Summer Camp up there and I know they have mutual friends.  I ache for the families, especially the moms. Not that other family members pain is less but, I understand what lies ahead for these moms.  My hearts is and always will be in pieces. It will never mend completely and there will always be a large part with Artie in Spirit. So today I will ask for some peace for these families, even though I know they may not find it for some time, if ever.  Peace is never near when the pieces of your heart are scattered. 

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  1. That is true. I embrace my solitude this days; and peace give me freedom to let go what is inside of me; with God in my heart, helped. Peace be all who suffering from pain, and the root of suffering. May their love’s souls rest in peace, May God Bless us all. Amen

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