The Soul Knows…

It is fact that humans need physical contact, there have been numerous studies on it. A newborn that does not receive adequate physical contact can grow up not knowing how to relate in relationships physically or emotionally. An adult that was physically abused as a child may have problems with intimacy, even just touching or a hug can bring a flood of uncomfortable feelings. The physical side of relationships is very important in human growth.
So what happens when the physical part is no longer there?  Many people go into unions based on physical attraction. It’s great for a while. Fireworks and all that stuff! But in some cases that is not enough to hold this union together. If there is no  spiritual or deep emotional attachment to the relationship, it is hard to hold on.  If there is no  connection of our souls, then the physical will not be a great loss when it is no longer present.

When we lose someone that we truly love, someone that is a part of us, a being we have a soul attachment to,  the physical aspect is only the begining. The relationship lives on because the physical was not all there was to the relationship. We miss the contact aspect sure, but the love, joy and the comfort from  that relationship lives on. It is but a temporary seperation. Our loved one does not go far. If we listen with open minds and full hearts, we will hear and feel those we love just as strong. Love is all energy, we are all energy and energy cannot be destroyed. If we sit quietly, breath deeply and listen with our hearts, our soul family will speak to us, we can still feel their presence. God gave us the ability to love fully, deeply  and completely. That ability does not go away because of the death of the human body.


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  1. Very Meaningful

    The first thing I do in the morning is read your blog. With my cup of coffee, I read it over and over, I don’t want to miss anything.

    To me it is a place to come to enjoy and grow. We can learn so many lessons and it most often starts the day off with a smile. I am not implying everyday will be smiley faces, but you can find peace when you read it.

    The last two sentences in todays blog I will remember and think about everyday. Very Powerful!

    Thank you Lann

    Love You

  2. Thank you for your bravery and your wisdom. I will cherish this counsel deeply. I am sorry for your loss of your boy. My only child just turned 15 and we had a really tough summer where he was attacked and I was very concerned about his state of being for a bit. I am grateful we are coming through that but I will always realize how subject we are to outside influences on our children and their sense of self.

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment. It has been a blessing know our story is helping families.. I hope your son is doing well. Thentire teenage years can be tough..

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