In Honor of The Love Month (something fun)

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Okay.. Everyday this month I will post something I love. Not the normal stuff like my family, friends and my pets. The things we so frequently overlook. Today I love my tablet! Materialistic I know but, it is my life line to family and friends far from me. I can see what the weather is like and plan accordingly. I receive love notes from my man and sweet messages from our grandaughter. I can see pictures of my grand children daily and feel a part of their lives. I can grab a coupon off the internet and save money while shopping. It gives me a way to keep in touch with all of the friends I have met through the blog, they can reach me here 24/7.. If I am away from the house and feel the need I can flip through the photos in my gallery and see the faces of my loved ones and it calms me. So that’s my love today!! What is yours??

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2 thoughts on “In Honor of The Love Month (something fun)

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  1. Mine today in Ohio is a house so we can be out of the weather. Its warm and dry and plenty of food. I have been in other countries that I have seen they don’t put much stock in a house because a lot of people don’t have a home the way we know it. I am thankful to God for heat and a dry warm place.


  2. For Today? Humm The conversation I had with my daughter this morning,made my heart feel good and put smiles on my face.

    Love you


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