For the one who started it all. You know who you are.

Do you think about him? Do you ever wonder how he would have continued to shine in this world? Does his face ever flash in your minds eye. Can you hear his laughter on a stormy day? Is he present in your thoughts when you hug your children? When you were celebrating the Holidays, did hear him sing carols? Can you sleep? Are you at peace with the fact that a few ugly words from your mouth changed the course of so many lives? I do not blame you for Arthur’s decision. That was all him. I do however hold your responsible for setting the end result in motion. If I thought you had a concience, I would feel bad for the guilt you must feel. I know how guilt feels. I live it every day. Not because I believe for one second my boy left because of anything I or anyone else in our lives did.  My guilt stems from the fact that I allowed you into our lives. As his mom I was supposed to protect him from the evils of the world. But I let evil in and it cost me my son. Do I hate you? Not that you care, but no I don’t hate you. I feel sorry for you. My life will forever be blessed because I am the mom of a Warrior and he loved and respected me. You will never have that…

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  1. You are in fact the Mother of a Warrior

    I am not sure I could be as gracious as you have been in this post.

    With or without a concience, and I don’t believe this person has one, I believe your questions will forever ring in this persons ears and they will be reminded everyday of the mean action they took in this. As hard as they try they will never be able to forget .

    Love You

  2. I think about the same. I love you guys, you started me on my homeschooling path.i watched all your kids grow the for years, i think about him and wonder how you handle it. Its so close to home and if things had been a bit differant it could have been my ben. I think of him when i see armour or any sword lol. Hes a sweet boy, and you have always been a wonderfly open and positive mom. I couldn’t handle it the way you do, not even knowing what i know.

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