Good morning Friday

Shortly after Arthur left, I had this dream about him. Not really about him but he was in it. Wolfgang and I were in a post office standing in line waiting for a package. We waited for along time and we’re both getting annoyed by the wait. Wondering why it was taking so long and we both agreed this package better be worth it! When it is finally our turn at the counter, I give the girl my little slip and she hands me a small bubble type envelope. When I open it, we find a VHS copy of the original Power Ranger show. We are both like” What the hell!” We stood in line this entire time for this? Just then I look out of a large plate glass window and I see Arthur walking by. He is smiling, skateboard in hand just walking in the sunshine. He never looks at us, he just strolls by. I like to think of him like that, in the sunshine smiling, on his way to do something he loves… The moral of the story kids is that some things are worth waiting for even when you have no idea what you are waiting for! 😜

I have this addiction to reading lately. 😊 I have always loved reading but with life in general, it took a backseat to everything. I am definitely playing catch up now. I have read thirty plus books since Arthur left. Some I did not finish, most I have. Here are some of my favorites..

My Son And The Afterlife (by Elisa Medhus, MD). Dr. Medhus also has a blog that is really cool.. Channeling Erik. .com. (I am having lunch with Dr. Medhus in February by the way. Can’t wait for that!)

The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers (by Annie Kagan). (Loved this one!)

Walking In The Garden Of Souls (by George Anderson and Andrew Barone)

We Need To Talk (by Lyn Ragan)

All of these books are available on Kindle and some on Nook..

Wet and cold here on the Texas Coast!! Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are!!

Peace, Love and all that Jazz!!!

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  1. What a delightful dream and great vision of Arthur. Thank you Lann for sharing with me. I hope every one that reads this will agree on your comment about the moral of the story, so very true.

    I know you are very excited about having lunch with Dr. Medhus, I am excited for you and green with envy. (smile) I think this is one of the things worth waiting for.

    Have a good evening sweetie.

    Love you and Wolfgang

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