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I have been thinking about something another mom said recently. She put out the question “What is going on with so many young people killing themselves?” When you look at the statistics it is frightening. Not just with suicides, young people are dying senselessly. Car accidents, drug overdoses, accidents of all kinds and murders. This is a testament to what our country, or world for that matter has become. Our young are being over looked. They are being expected to grow up to fast, be like everyone else and if they don’t fall into line with these expectations, we put them on drugs. I am old enough luckily to remember what a happy child hood is all about. Playing outside, breathing fresh air and drinking clean water from a water hose. I could help my neighbors carry groceries into their homes without my folks worrying they might be enticing me in for who knows what. We were raised by entire communities and we were accountable to everyone in them. We ate well, played hard and loved deep. We were expected to be polite, respect our elders and go to school. That was it. Now our kids live in war zones. Not just in other countries. Right here within our own. Bullying, poverty, domestic violence, abuse and drugs are becoming the norm. They are taught that you don’t have to work hard to get what you want or even need. Young people have few options. It is survival of the fittest.
The Internet has become the only friends and family for some. What an awful role model that is. There are shocking things out there. Kids even adults, encouraging each other to do life threatening things for a thrill. We jumped our bicycles over ramps for a rush. Now they choke each other for one. I’m not saying the youth of my time didn’t do dumb crap. We did, I did. But somewhere in our minds and hearts we knew right from wrong. We were not out to deliberately cause pain on others. We had groups of real flesh and blood friends that gave a shit what happened to us. Hug a kid today, let them know they matter. Create choices for them, give them opportunities to just enjoy life and be a person they can look up to someone they can run to for help… It’s our legacy is it not, what our earth is like in 50 years? Choose one thing each day to ensure it is a legacy to be proud of…


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  1. What a great post Lanny. Few people think about these things, they are too busy to worry about what is happening to our young people?

    I am lost for words Lann there isn’t anything to say that you didn’t cover. I do hope it will be a reminder to those who read it and if the kids are too young, lets hope the older siblings and/or parents will make a point of reading it to them when they are older.

    If I may, I would like to be a parent for a second and brag a bit. Dad and I are so Proud of you and your efforts to make things better for the young people growing up in this disturbing world. I am sure Arthur is Proud of you also. We know with out a doubt in our minds you will succeed.

    This could be the beginning of a great book.

    Love you

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  2. I think this is one of your best posts yet! So insightful! ♡

    I am scared to death for my children over the grim world that they are faced with. I’m sad that they will never have the joyous, carefree teenage years that even I had not so long ago. There is so much evil in the World, that often it is hard to see the light.

    Today’s kids are being left behind. Lost in the system. Many have no one to speak for them. Cast out and forced to try and make it on their own. Many making poor choices that they never would have made otherwise. If only they all had other options or a second chance.

    We live in world where animals seem to have more support than us human beings. We need to step it up for our children and all future generations! If we all take part in the big picture we may be able to end a lot of the heartache.

    What will my legacy be???


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