We are Warriors

Webster’s dictionary defines a Warrior as follows: 

A person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill

Arthur always fought a battle for goodness. He never understood how people could be mean to each other, to animals or even the earth. He kept these feeling bottled up and did not share them with many. He and I would have long conversations about so many deep things and compassion for for others was a big one. In his heart, he loved the idea of Love! He wanted every person that crossed his path to feel love from him in some way. 

In this short time since he passed, I have met some true Warriors. Mothers that have gone through the unimaginable. Just breathing is a struggle not everyone will understand. Pretending to be okay is an Oscar winning performance for us. Having anything that resembles a life is a continuous battle in itself. 

But we march forward. The never ending battle we fight will continue all the days of our lives. We fight many battles everyday. We lose some of them and we win some of them. But, at the end of the day, when we shut off the lights and lie down our heads, our children that have gone before us look upon us with Pride!  For before them they see true strength, unconditional love and the greatest of all Warriors!!  

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