Often in our busy lives we forget the most important thing. To be kind to ourselves. We were all put on this earth for a certain purpose. We may not always know that purpose right away, others seem to know from birth. I am one of those still looking for my place in the grand scheme of things. I thought I knew. I had it all wrapped up in a neat pretty package at one time. But, the Universe reminded me that my ideal of the perfect life was not what I thought. This set me on a Spiritual journey, a quest of sorts. There are many things we sometimes find out about ourselves when face with tragedy. I am learning to think for myself, and trust those thoughts as they come. Something I have never done very well. What we have in our hearts and what our Souls tell us are what we need to be aware of. My heart has always been in the right place, I just forgot to bring my Soul along for the ride.. 

Peace and Love to you today!! You are all beautiful. 😍

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