Gingerbread and memories

Five days until Christmas. I am feeling pretty good. I had a “Moment” yesterday and fell apart for a few minutes. The grand babies made gingerbread houses and when I saw the pictures I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. Arthur and Wolfgang, Uncle Bubbee and Uncle Boo to the grandkids, made gingerbread houses every year. Arthur took the most time on his. When they were tiny it was so cute to hear them discuss what it would be like to live in one of the creations. When Cadence, our first grand baby, came along, creating these works of art became challenging to say the least for the boys. She would pick them apart almost before the boys could get them done! When all of the kids lived close to home, the house was full during the Holidays. Lots of cooking, music and laughter. I miss it. It makes not having Artie here that much harder. But, the memories of 14 years of pure joy will forever be in my heart and on my mind. What a gift our memories are. How sad and empty life would be without them. 
This is our daughters post from Facebook. 

Cadence wanted to make gingerbread houses this year and I’m not going to lie, this was hard for me. It took me a few weeks of thought before I decided to let Cadence carry on the tradition. My little Bubee and Boo used to make gingerbread houses every Christmas. I remember how one year the boys had made some and Cadence, being only about 2 years old, thought it was a great idea to start eating the candies off of the houses. Boo cried because Cadence was tearing up his house and Bubee laughed his butt off which made Cadence pick off even more candies. Even though the memories can be hard to think about sometimes, I’m so thankful that I have them. 💚


This is the little house our twin grand daughters did.. 😆

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