A letter to Arthur

Good morning Artie…
A year ago this morning, you left your physical body for a new , whole and happy self. I am still not exactly sure why you needed to change your path so soon. I do know it changed my world baby. My heart went with you. It still flashes in my mind every morning. I put on coffee, and took my shower. I wanted to let you sleep in because you had a big day. And then I realized Izzy wasn’t in your room with you. I noticed your light on and figured you were up, ready to go pick up Amber and get to the park. From the second I opened your door, I stopped breathing. I’m not sure I have taken a full breath since. The last thing I remember, before the blessed  numbness kicked in, was kissing that beautiful face, knowing my life would never, ever be the same.
But this is not the end of our story huh kiddo? Our journey has just begun.. I have met some amazing people on this new path. Life is so precious and I thank God everyday for it. My biggest blessing has always been you 4 kids. Without all of you I would not have known the joy I have had in my life.
Even now you are my rock Artie… Whenever something is bothering me I still talk it out with you. I really need to stop doing it in the stores, people look at me pretty strange.. 🙂 Thank you my beautiful boy for choosing me for your mom. You gave me 14 years of unconditional love, and I will hold onto it until we walk along the sands of white beaches together.  I love you.. See ya soon!

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