To honor him..

Today I am grateful. Grateful that I have been blessed with the strength to not only survive this loss, but to move forward and heal. I could give in, easily. I could allow the grief to make me bitter, to take away my joy in life. But I refuse to do this. My son would not want that and I have such respect for him that I will not allow this to beat me. His choice was not meant to hurt me and I won’t dishonor him by letting it destroy me. And… with the knowing I have that he is still with me, I want him to see me flourish, not bring his vibration down with my sorrow..

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  1. I know Arthur is very proud of you Lann. You have never given up, working to move forward, it has to be very hard for you at times. You have on this day given him the best you could give honoring his name.

    Love you

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