Chapters of My Life

Our lives really are just chapters in a personal book.  Broken down by occurrences like  births, deaths, marriages and divorces. The story can go many ways, with lots of twists and turns..  If we are lucky the chapters flow well,  one right into another.  We continue on, each chapter with a new perspective perhaps, the chapters being each a new decade if you will.  I think many of us would agree that each decade of our lives is different. We often say oh man, my 20’s were great or,my 30’s were the best!! For me my 20’s were wonderful. I had my first two children, had a pretty decent marriage for most of those years.. 😃.  Lost  a few people I was close to and several family members on my husbands side.  We thought things were hard.. Then in my 30’s I decided I really wanted more. Maybe it was the marrying early, having kids young, blah, blah, blah… The marriage ended and I was off seeking new adventures with two pre-teens in tow. Boy did I find adventure!! I met the love of my life that year. I was 34 years old.. A younger, Italian guy that I can’t imagine my life without now!! Back then it was just about the hair and the jeans… 😋. We had Arthur two years later and Wolfgang almost two years after that. Kurt had become a daddy to my two as well. The time has flown by. Seventeen years later, I look back on all of the joys, all of the heartache and I am proud of where we are. Now, at 50+ years old, the chapters of my life continue. The pages wet with a million tears and stained with coffee but they are my chapters. I am the one writing the book after all.. 

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  1. Each individual has a story to tell. I thank you for sharing.
    My first chapter would be when my father decided to replace my mother and left us without saying goodbye. My second chapter would be when I was a teenager growing up without parents hungry for food and love of a parents. My third chapter would be when we finally got here in USA then got married after three months. My fourth is now. I am positive that I would have a beautiful happy ending story. Again thank you for your inspiring story.

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