Opposites Attract

I so enjoyed the time we spent with our grand babies.. Time is going by so fast. They will be two in April already.. They are fraternal twins and very different in many ways. So different in fact that they already fuss with each other. It got me to thinking about how different each of us is.
The very people you need the most in your life can be polar opposites of you, yet critical to your well being and happiness. My two best friends in the world are completely different than me but my life would be pointless without them. And don’t get me started on how not alike Kurt and are! But as different as we are, we make a whole person together. And Wolfgang and Arthur were certainly nothing alike but when Arthur left it became clear how much his little brother needed him.
I am really not sure there is a point to this. But when you are in a car by yourself for 4 hours, talking to your son in spirit, you come up with some odd stuff.. 😛
When we try and make sense out of life, sometimes we just can’t figure out how things go together. Like darkness and light. You cannot have one without the other. Happiness and sorrow are each at the opposite ends of the spectrum but, without knowing sorrow and grief we never fully appreciate the joy and happiness that life also brings. Looking at the loss of Arthur, as hard as it has been has brought me to know so much more about gratitude for just the simplest of things.

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  1. Great Post

    Here again I have learned something. You always give me something important to think about. Making sense out of life is difficult to say the least, in your blog you bring many things together.

    I never gave these things a lot of thought, maybe a moment if that. Your examples (darkness and light) (happiness and sorrow) very import, but I am guessing most of us have never thought of this. Your blog is always a lesson learned for me.

    Most importantly the sharing of your story about Arthur helps someone if not many everyday.

    Again Thank you

    Love You

    ps: Yes you and Kurt together do indeed make a wonderful couple and great family.

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