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I would imagine losing a loved one has a different effect on everyone. Any thoughts or things I share in this blog are mine. There is no way for me to speak in generalities. Even other parents that have lost a child don’t feel the same way I do or I them. Each child has their own personality so the loss is different for each of us. We understand the pain, the loss and the absolute darkness that at times takes over. The moments of guilt, fear and hopelessness are something I am sure all parents have because of the loss of their child. How we each grieve and heal is entirely an individual thing. This blog is one way I cope. In our situation we find that Arthur’s story is one that may help others. By sharing my pain maybe it will help other moms and dads know they are not crazy. The things that we think and reactions we have are not proof that we are weak. It does not mean we have to lie down and give up on life because of our loss. In my case I have realized that everything is precious. Not just the people in our lives, but life itself. Precious and amazing. It is not how long we are here but what we do with the time we are on this earth.. Quality… Not quantity…

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