Feeling like a tourist


We made it to Branson in one piece! The drive was awesome. Lots of mountains to climb in a not so powerful RV! It was interesting to say the least.




The RV park we are staying at is called “Shenanigans”. When Arthur first left, I referred to his suicide as “Arthur’s Shenanigans” so it seemed fitting to stay here. It is quite beautiful here and the couple that owns the place are great!

Being with the kids has made this Holiday season bearable. It is still difficult to go about daily life without missing Artie. While we were out and about I could not help but think how much he would love being here. He would love being with the kids. Seeing all of the families together always makes me think about the part of us that is missing. We heard one of Artie’s songs while we were in a dress shop today. It came on shortly after we walked in. “Somewhere over the rainbow” Not the original one. It was the version we played at his service. I felt as though he was with us in that moment. It made me smile..

We saw some pretty awesome things today…..

King Kong

2014/12/img_0815.jpg <
A Plane Crash

We even saw Optimus Prime


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  1. I hope all of you are having a good time, the RV looks like a really nice one. Hopefully the weather is being better for you there than it is here nothing but rain.

    The pictures you posted on this post are really nice, we enjoyed them, looking forward to more as you go.

    I had to go back I missed the picture of Arthur and Eli I didn’t see it until I saw mommalegz post. No you are not crazy if someone said that they are the dumb ones.

    Love you all

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