Once again, smelling the Roses

Now I’m just getting downright lazy! 😃 I slept 9 straight hours last night. Not dreams, that I remember, not once did I wake and look at the clock.

Quick story…

Went to Walmart last night, yes I know I try and avoid it but I had to get a gift for our son-in-law and it is the only place that carries it. So anyway. Checking out the cashier asked me if we have special plans for the Holidays. Immediately the tears well up, in my eyes as I tell her about our trip and the reason behind it. It was so clear from her face and the couple in line behind me they they were truly compassionate about our story. No pity, they didn’t even really seem to feel sorry for me. Just true, honest compassion. It was refreshing and it made me consider several things on the way home.
In a society of crime, poverty, homelessness and what we generally see as a “for each his own” mentality are we missing the loving and caring that is in all of us? Have we become so accustomed to the down side of things that we expect it? So this Holiday and hopefully always after, I will look for the good in everything. Even at Walmart!!

Have a Blessed Day!!

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