Ah… Some PEACE at last ..

As grateful to the powers that be as I am for this great weather, I can’t help but wish Artie was here, ( in the flesh :)) to enjoy it. He loved being outside so much. Even if it was working in the yard or on the house. He loved walking and riding his bike. I do miss that kid more on nice days than bad. But, I am still enjoying this while it lasts. I am so anxious to get things in the garden and watch life renew itself around me. My birds are back in force already, feeders are full, squirrel bricks and corn out, and my hummingbird feeders are hanging. Even had a few bunnies out and about early this morning. I feel a sense of peace honestly the last few days. So many wonderful things are ahead of us and I intend to enjoy every moment. We can enjoy life, live it to the fullest and still hold Arthur and his memory close. I love him with all my heart and he me and our family.  I know with every fiber of my being that love never truly dies.

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