On a mission…

Am I done with my healing? Absolutely not. Am I over the loss of my Artie? I will never be over it, it will follow me forever. Will I let it rule the rest of my life? That is the tough question…..
Most would assume the healthy answer would be no to this question. In my case I am going to let this loss define every moment for the rest of my life. Not in any negative way but with positive actions. My family and every minute I spend with them means so much more now. I really do not take anything for granted. We have had the worst weather for the last several days and I find myself grateful for it. Arthur hated rain by the way. I am sure he is not missing it! For me it is an opportunity to stay in, read and do some things in the house I need to get done.
Because of my loss I have learned that there are so many kids out there that really need some good guidance. Not discipline or therapy, just someone to say “it’s okay to feel this way, let’s see what we can do to make it better” I feel a need to find some way to be a guiding force in healing our youth. Our kids in this country are broken. They are lost and many are alone. They have no idea what is right and what is wrong. Not normal kid stuff but the big picture is so distorted for them. You have one side telling them it’s okay to be one way and the other telling them they will go to hell for it. We label everything! We have no respect or admiration anymore for individuality. Kids are trying so hard to be something they aren’t that it is destroying them. Used to having an imagination was considered a gift. Now it is a problem that needs medicating. What needs to be done is that we need to tell our children that it is okay to be who you are. We are robbing them of their childhoods and creating adults who do not know who they really are. Or worse yet, they know who they are and fight to hide it! Some die trying. There has to be a change and I want to be a part of it.


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