Trust your higher self…

When we are babies, we learn to walk before we can run. Most kids anyway. Arthur ran before he ever considered walking. He was curious about everything and afraid of nothing. He wanted to experience everything he could. Looking back, I understand that he knew time was not long for him here. I am striving to be more like that. So many things are coming to my realization and I am absorbing all I can. If we just have faith in our own selves, our true selves, everything else will come easy. Our higher self will always know what is best for us, and will direct you on to that path. Your human self is all about ego most of the time and this can blind us to the truth. Trust in what you hear outside your brain, listen to your heart and your inner voice for the answers you need. You can trust this because it is this part of you that knows best. Even if you get hurt along the way, the outcome will always be for the greater good. I can say this even in my loss because I have seen it. Many gracious and wonderful things have come about since Arthur died. I will always wish he were still here physically, and I will always ache for his hugs, love and that smile. But, I can see now that the things that teach us the most are not always the easiest road to travel.

Messages from Beyond.. (sounds like a bad 70’s show I know) 😜

I had a session with an amazing Medium this morning. She brought so many loved ones through and gave me so much peace. Friends long gone from this earth and of course my Artie. I heard messages from one of my best friends in high school, a blonde bombshell from my rock and roll days and a few new friends.. 🙂 I was able to tell a loving daughter that her mom is still around, and that her mom has input on my blog.. The most important message was that our loved ones are always with us. They watch over us and never stop loving us, no more than we do them. They are with Spirit, the Source, God, whatever is in your heart that you worship or believe in. But they are also with us whenever we think of them. I was given validation that we are never alone in this journey. So the next time you feel goosebumps, or maybe just a presence, stop and feel with your heart. Pay attention to the signs in front of you. My Arthur leaves me dimes for some reason. I find the darn things everywhere. I also find guitar pics. Usually with a dime. That boy could not keep up with guitar pics for crap, and now I find them everywhere. I know he is around us and he wants us to know it. The messages from my loved ones today were a wonderful gift that I will cherish forever. I know Arthur is not alone and he is indeed on the adventure of a lifetime! Just as a good Pirate Warrior should be!

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