Sitting here on the porch this morning you are on my mind. It has been two and a half years since I hugged you, saw your smile or heard you laugh. So much has changed. Life is moving forward and as always, it is good! But…  I miss you more everyday. I still get lost in thought with all of the things I wish I had done different, all of the things I wish we had done together and the so many things you will never do. I love you my sweet boy and pray you rocking with Elvis, talking about life’s purpose with John and enjoying a laugh with Robin!! 

Love, Mom

Thank you Facebook

Facebook took it upon themselves to memorialize Arthur’s page. I am shocked that they did but there is nothing I can do about it. It just feels strange. After 2 and a half years it just makes everything seem so final. I like being able to go in and look through his posts. see his photos and know how much he was and is loved by so many. It brings back a feeling of loss I thought I was moving beyond. 

Happy Birthday Artie

Well here we are. Another birthday apart. The day you were put in to my arms the first time was the beginning of my greatest journey. I still feel this way. You have taught me more about life and love in the past few years than I got in my whole life. Fly high today baby!! I hope Wayne and Erik are keeping you busy today. : ) I love you Artie and I miss you with all my heart baby.